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While Jewelry May Not Be “Essential,”

Love and Celebration Are!

Just like you, we at Padis Jewelry have been social distancing to protect our community…

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I’ve Done it My Way

To my dear and cherished friends and neighbors, This will be my last and final…

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Summertime Hydration

Summertime, a time for leisure and connection coupled with the great outdoors and vacationing. This…

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Mindfulness Matters

The Practice of Mindfulness in Schools

Many of us have noticed a sudden increase in media attention around something called mindfulness….

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A Time To Take Some Losses

Quite often, to “take” a loss feels like the wrong thing to do and for…

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How to Keep Critters out of Your Pool

The fact is that bodies of water are a natural habitat for many animals, including…

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The Effects of Colors in Interiors

Nothing can change the mood and feeling in a room like color! Color has been…

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