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I’ve Done it My Way

To my dear and cherished friends and neighbors,

This will be my last and final article for Blackhawk Living. I have enjoyed the past three years reaching out to you via this magazine, entertaining you with bits and pieces and tidbits of real estate news, clues, and taboos. While my hope was, and has been, to try to offer some insight and education into buying, selling and caring for your home, it has also been an educational experience for me as well. Every article written contained real life experiences from my real estate business as well as extensive research into the theme of each piece. I hope that you have garnered some nugget of information from each article and have saved it for a time when it will become useful when buying your next home or selling your current one. 

As a brief recap of previous articles, we talked about; Making a First Impression, the importance of Curb Appeal, Decluttering to make your home look roomier, Color for the landscape, Paint (and the pros and cons of stylizing colors in rooms), Repurposing rooms to create more appeal, the necessity of caring for your home systems, ie; Heating and AC, Rain gutters and drains, lawn sprinklers etc. and the idea of simple staging with your own furniture, are just a sampling of the past articles. I have also written articles of what to do before you sell, or what to look for when buying a home, and then how to care for your new home once you have moved into it. These monthly tidbits covered your entire HOME EXPERIENCE. 

I hope you have benefited from the information and enjoyed the monthly articles as much as I have writing them. While this is my final article written, I look forward to continuing to help you with your real estate needs. I eat, sleep, play and work in Blackhawk, and have done so for over 36 years. My home office is in the Blackhawk Plaza, in the Chase Bank Building, and I invite you to stop in, anytime, if just to say Hello. You can also contact me at; 925.998.9446 or email me at; 

Blessings to all, Linda Kralik

By Linda Kralik, Resident since 1984 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Drysdale Properties