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The Effects of Colors in Interiors

Nothing can change the mood and feeling in a room like color! Color has been shown to have a big impact on a person’s mood, encouraging comfort and happiness, gloom or fear, and even evoking hunger. While psychology of color is widely used in branding and marketing, it is also very important in your home and the vibe you want to portray in a room.

Warm colors such as yellow, red and orange promote feelings of passion, excitement and optimism. Cooler colors such as green, blue and purple are associated with anything from calmness to sadness. Here is the psychology behind behind our favorite colors:

Red: strength, love, energy

Orange: confidence, success, sociability

Yellow: creativity, happiness, warmth

Green: nature, healing, riches

Blue: peace, loyalty, tranquility

Pink: sweet, sophistication, femininity 

Black: formality, drama, sophistication

White: simplicity, cleanliness, minimalism 

But how do you apply these colors to your home? If you are looking for a minimal, open and airy look, opt for white and light colors. If you want a dramatic feel in your interior, use black accents and wall colors in shades (which is a mixture of any color plus black) for a deep approach. If you want to promote a feeling of tranquility in a bedroom, chose calming blue bedding. Perhaps you want to gain energy in your home office. Using mustard yellow pillows can add a pop that will energize you throughout the day. Adding plants to your home will give you a green accent to represent nature. Whatever color scheme you chose for your home, make sure that it is representative of the mood and feel you want to project!

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Sheeja Nair is the founder/principal designer of award-winning Raashi Design. She specializes in creating interiors and custom homes that are thoughtfully conceived with an emphasis on elegance, comfort, functionality, and the homeowner’s personal style. Her international design work influences her approach to using color, texture and lighting in exciting, yet tasteful ways. An out-of-the-box thinker, Sheeja’s background in engineering and physics uniquely qualify her to solve challenging design issues.

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