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What is the Most Versatile Vegetable?

Baked, Broiled, Fried, Spiralized, Gratin, Croquette, Noodles, Stuffed, Stew, Lasagna, Bread, Cookies, Cake and Crisps…. If you were having flash backs to Forest Gump and all things shrimp you are not far wrong, but this time we are talking Zucchini – the ultimate in versatile vegetables. 

Zucchini suffers from prolific reproduction during the summer. Friends have been known to draw their blinds and lock their doors when they see me coming with an armload of zucchinis. But did you know all the benefits the humble zucchini delivers? The zucchini along with its squash brethren started in the Americas but were quickly adopted by the Europeans. The Italians dubbed it zucchino – little squash. It came back to America in the 1920’s but was largely ignored for the next 50 years. However, by the mid 70’s frugal homemakers were incorporating zucchini creatively into a multitude of recipes. 

Zucchini is low in calories, versatile and filled with nutrition. At 52 calories and high in fiber, it is great choice for those of us watching our weight. It delivers 92% of our daily vitamin C and delivers substantial amounts of folate, Vitamins A & K. 

With all this knowledge, it is time to grab some zucchini and start cooking. 

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By Aly Baker, Bloomers Publicity