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Tips on How to Perfectly Decorate a Bookshelf

Bookshelves can be much more than a place to store books. These shelves are a great opportunity to showcase keepsakes, family photos and knick-knacks. Here are some tips and tricks to perfectly decorate a bookshelf:

  1. Pair items in odd numbers with differing sizes. For example, choose 3 vases of varying heights. Varying the size of objects add interest, rather than a uniformed, coupled look. 
  2. Add greenery. Adding a potted plant to your shelf introduces an organic pop of color. Plants are also known to boost mood, reduce stress and purify the air!
  3. Show off vacation photos. Frame a photo that you took on vacation of lovely architecture or a serene beach. It will be a daily reminder of your travels, is less expensive than buying artwork and much more personal!
  4. Add whimsy. Quirky sculptures, neon signs or cheeky word art bring humor and fun to ordinarily dull shelving.
  5. Introduce accent colors. If you are looking to liven up a room with some bold colors but are not willing to commit to a large orange sofa, add pops of color on your bookshelf. Brightly colored artwork, lively hued bowls, and fun, graphic books can introduce colors that you wouldn’t want to be a focal point of a room, but rather an accent. 
  6. Celebrate each season. Switch out your decor seasonally to celebrate every holiday from Christmas to the Fourth of July while having year-round staple pieces as anchors. 

However you chose to decorate your bookshelves, always make sure they are a reflection of you and your family. Happy decorating!

By Sheeja Nair, Interior designer, Raashi Design, LLC

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