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The NINE Loan: Common Sense, Non-traditional, even Revolutionary!

For the way you live today. 

Traditional home loans focus on traditional income and employment. These days, that leaves a lot of people out. It’s time for a home loan that recognizes your full financial picture. 

Meet The NINE Loan: No Income, No Employment. Your strong financial profile is the key. 

You may have the financial means to get a loan for your primary residence, but standard documents don’t tell the whole story. Rigid income and employment requirements may restrict your chances of getting a conventional home loan. 

The NINE Loan relies on a strong down payment, good credit history, and robust post-closing reserves. 

The NINE Loan can help: 

Self-employed people with low verifiable income. 

Individuals and families who want to buy a new home before they sell the current one. 

Retirees with little or no verifiable income who need funds to renovate their home. 

Real estate investors buying their primary residence 

People who want a vacation home but can’t qualify on their current income. 

Professional athletes or entertainers with unique income (signing bonuses, short-term contracts). 

Restaurant owners who need capital. 

The NINE Loan offers financing for your primary residence by recognizing your unique circumstances, without the hassle of demanding traditional paperwork. 

We look beyond the requirements of a conventional loan. Instead, we consider: 

Down payment and equity. The minimum down payment on a purchase is 25%. For refinances, loan-to-value ratios will vary depending on credit scores, property types, and cash-out amounts. 

Overall financial profile, including post-closing reserves. The minimum reserve requirement will vary between 3-12 months of total monthly payments. 

Decent credit and on-time payment history. The minimum credit score is 660. 

If The NINE Loan sounds like your loan, I’m ready to make it happen. Contact me today. 

By W. Todd Galde, CrossCountry Mortgage 

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W. Todd Galde
CrossCountry Mortgage LLC

After more than 20 years, Todd Galde has mastered the process of helping borrowers with different income sources, matching the correct loan to their unique circumstances. We teach and advise, then we customize. A Direct Lender, Team Galde offers solutions with competitive rates and financing programs that give you more qualifying options, including the unique NINE Loan for owner-occupied purchase or refinance. Learn more at 

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