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Spend With Joy

Doesn’t that sound great? To truly experience joy when you spend?

Well, you can get there pretty quick once you know that your spending fully supports your Financial Plan just as much as your portfolio does.

Spending is a critical factor in your finances – no one denies that – but it can be difficult to analyze.

Right now, you might think I’m talking about cutting your spending, but I’m not. Not at all.

I’m simply saying that your spending today must work well with your spending over the rest of your life. And the only way to know that is to build a true Financial Plan.

Wouldn’t it be great to know we can splurge on certain items today and still do everything we want in life?

It’s only when we know that the trajectory of our Financial Lives gets us where we want to be that we can truly spend with great joy!

For more details, check out a deeper analysis at, but in this space I want to simply make the point that this can be very important.

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By Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA, Principal:Best Financial Life, Resident since 2004

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