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Solar Finally Makes Sense

YES there is finally an option other than putting down $40,000 and waiting for your return on investment.

Before, there were strictly 2 ways for homeowners to go solar; one option was to pay a large amount of cash for a system, upfront, and wait for their ROI, which took about 12-15 years!

The second option was to lease/rent a system, which would place a lien on their property immediately, making moving a headache, and let’s not forget about that company keeping YOUR Federal Tax credit money. 

Up until 2019, the federal government would give you a huge 30% tax credit! Due to so many people going solar, it has now gone down to 26% and is dissolving in 2020.

PG&E is making it easy to go solar, due to their mistakes leading to multiple fires and bankruptcy, which caused over 2 million people in California to have their power shut off last year!

PG&E rates are posted publicly and have gone up on average, 6-8% each year. This year, rates are set to go up another 12.4%!

Currently, everyone is on an unwritten contract with PG&E. If rates rise, you have to pay, if you don’t pay, you don’t have power. This is a bill that you cannot cancel and you have to pay it for the rest of your life. 

Since you are paying for this electric bill anyway, why not replace this bill with something that will allow you to pay less, and put money in your pocket! Just like you went from renting to owning a home, or why you probably chose a fixed mortgage rate instead of an adjustable rate. Stop throwing away your money to PG&E and start paying a fixed bill that allows you to own your power today!

Call Kyle with Kota to get your proposal started! See how you can go solar without any money out of pocket, reduce 30-50% from your power bill, increase the value of your home, and claim Uncle Sams’ 26% tax credit!

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By Kyle Lowy, Kota Energy Group, Resident since 2019