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What to look for when interviewing a Real Estate agent 

Experience – As the saying goes, “experience is everything.” Experience is the education only learned being in the field. It’s like a doctorate – coming from years of doing something at a highest level with exceptional quality. Ask the agent about their experience, education, and training. 

Marketing – Ask about their marketing. Not all marketing is done well or effectively. Make them be specific and have them show you examples of their marketing. The world of real estate shopping is shifting to a customer centric approach. Yet some agents are still using the same traditional methods they have used for years, missing the mark on current buyers. Marketing has significantly changed since even 5 years ago. Your agent should know how to keep you in front of buyers. 

Skills – Negotiating is one of the most critical things your agent must do really well. Remember it’s your agent that will be negotiating with offers, not you, no matter how good you are at it. Another highly valued skill is knowing real estate contract law as well as an attorney. 

Value – When an agent suggests those extra “bells and whistles,” it’s important to understand how much that will actually cost you! What is included in their fee? Not all agents net you out the same. Shop around. 

Reputation – Choose an agent who has a good reputation with their peers and in the community. They don’t need to yell, use profanity, or be a bully if they have real skills. 

Availability and Accessible – Do you want your agent to answer when you call? A common frustration I hear from clients of large teams is that they need to repeat themselves every time they meet with a new member of that team. They complain that they never saw their agent again after the first meeting. Can they give you the time you need or are they passing you off to someone else? 

If you’re looking to hire a professional give me a call. 

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By Tiffany Stock, Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams 

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Keller Williams DRE # 01466776 

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