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Ring Sizing 101

A proper fit for a ring is essential; too loose and you risk losing it – too tight and it’s uncomfortable and hard to remove. When your ring doesn’t fit properly, your first thought is to get it resized. Often, this is the safest, most permanent option. However, it’s not always the best choice, and temporary solutions can be ideal under certain circumstances unless you are confident your ring size is correct and a permanent or semi-permanent change. While we all work to lose the COVID “19 pounds,” here are some suggestions and advice.

When Not to Resize Your Ring

If you suddenly find your ring spinning on your finger, your first step should be to pinpoint the root cause. Fingers can shrink for many reasons, many of them temporary, like cold weather or weight loss.

Also consider the circumstances under which your ring was first fitted. Something obvious, like pregnancy, would cause your ring to fit more snugly. But the culprit could also be something more unexpected and seemingly trivial, like a high-salt meal right before your sizing.

Maybe you’re just really sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If your ring size seems to go up and down with the mercury, a temporary ring adjuster is perfect. Whether you need an interim solution until you reach your goal weight, or you need something you can take in and out indefinitely in accordance with the weather, read on to learn how to make a ring smaller without resizing.

When you think of taking your ring to your jeweler to be resized smaller, you likely think of a permanent reduction in the circumference of the band. That’s not the only option, though. Since every resizing can negatively affects the strength of the metal, it’s wise to consider adding to the ring instead, which maintains the integrity of the ring.

Sizing Beads

To make your ring smaller using sizing beads, a jeweler simply adds two small metal balls on the back part of the inside of your ring.

Sizing beads are an economical way to reduce the size of your ring. They’re perfect for reducing a ring and they’re great for keeping your ring upright on your finger. 

Do-It-Yourself Ring Sizers

If you’d prefer not to visit your jeweler or have an urgent need, there are ring sizers you can buy and apply yourself. Widely available, plastic ring adjusters are an inexpensive, quick option to solve your ring size issue right away. They’re basically little silicone wedges or sleeves that sit between your ring and your finger. At Padis, we call these “Ring Snuggies” and offer them complimentary. They can easily be added or removed, but one downside is it can make your ring sit up higher on your finger.

Ring Sizers to Avoid

You might thus be tempted by DIY methods usually found via Google search that involve adhering something to your ring. Adhering anything not specifically made for jewelry is asking for trouble. Gold and platinum are typically nonreactive, but you can very easily do permanent damage and your skin might not react well to the foreign substance, either.

Some Parting Advice

If your ring isn’t fitting quite right, take it off, store it safely and feel free to bring it in to one of our consultants. Their expert opinion will be able to tell you whether you should permanently resize your ring, have them apply an adjustable ring sizer like those previously discussed, or go with a plastic guard you can use as needed.

Always remember: The fewer times you resize your ring, the better. Each resize stretches and weakens the metal and eventually, you will increase your chances of damage or loss.

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 By Steve Padis, Padis Jewelry and The Forevermark Boutique at Broadway Plaza

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