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Preventing and Removing Scale from your Pool Plaster

One question we hear frequently from our customers is ‘Why is my plaster discoloring?’ There are many factors that can cause discoloration. Plaster is a cement product, and when you put cement under water, strange things can happen. First and most notable, is that plaster takes about one year to fully cure in your pool, and almost always during that first year, you are fighting the Ph rising. 

Knowing your local water source and what kind of water you are putting into your pool can put you at a huge advantage when it comes to your plaster. It will help you fight all kinds of problems from algae to scale and stains. In Danville, our EBMUD water is also known as soft water. It does not contain a lot of minerals or TDS (total dissolved solids). This means as soon as you add our water to your pool, you are creating an imbalance where the water will try to pull minerals from your plaster. If you add salt too early, you are making calcium in the water, which will increase the chances of scale build up. 

Many times, you will get a scale formation that actually encapsulates debris in it and looks like permanent dirt on your plaster, when it’s actually scale holding on to debris. I could write a book on all the different causes of plaster discoloration, which is why if you want the best results, trust an expert who has spent decades researching and perfecting crystal-clear water and stain-free plaster. 

At Atlantis pools we offer a free estimate and diagnosis on all your pool needs. Please visit or email to schedule an inspection.

By Jon Lubrano, President, Atlantis Pools Inc. 

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