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Natural Disasters

and Your Swimming Pool

With all the recent news regarding power outages, fires and earthquakes, I thought it would be good to address your personal swimming pool and how it could potentially be an asset during an emergency.

In a fire or other emergency where there is no electricity or clean water, having gallons of pool water at your disposal can be a lifesaver, as long as you are prepared to use it.

I recommend investing in a small, gas powered pump to quickly transport the water where you need it. In addition to a pump, you will need hoses if using your pool water to try and put out a fire.

The pump will provide ample water pressure and the hoses will transport the water to your fire.

If there were a situation where access to clean drinking water was limited, your pool water could be an emergency water source.

Pool water is filtered and is chlorinated, (even a salt pool water is drinkable since the content is only 3000 ppm). You just need to be able to transport the water to where you need it like a shower or kitchen and a pump and hoses can make that happen.

I would advise purchasing some type of water filter for purifying the pool water, if consuming and the water has been sitting for days with no filtration.

Hopefully your pool will only be used for your enjoyment, but it is better to be prepared for any disaster. Want assistance is selecting the right pump and hoses?

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By Jon Lubrano, President, Atlantis Pools Inc.

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