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More than just a pretty face:

Geraniums add beauty in the home and in the kitchen

With over 500 documented species, anyone interested in geraniums certainly has a lot of options to choose from. The hardy flower is drought and heat-tolerant, great for our Northern California summers, and their blooms offer intense colors with a long flowering period. 

But geraniums are more than a pretty face, their flowers are edible and offer many culinary uses: flavor sugars or jelly, add to iced tea or lemonade, bake into pastries like pound cake, or add to your salad. With so many varieties of geraniums, you can experience different taste profiles such as lemon, almond, nutmeg or even apple. 

On September 22 the Blackhawk Bloomers host Robin Parer, a renowned, award winning author and expert horticulturist who owns and operates Geraniaceas Nursery in Marin, specializing in rare geraniums from around the world. Robin will discuss the international fascination with geraniums, and some of the ways you can enjoy their color and beauty in your own home. 

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By Aly Baker, Bloomers Publicity