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California Transplants Road Tripping Through Life

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A shared love of golf first brought Lydia and Amy together, but it was a mutual desire for fun, adventure and good humor that has kept them together. “We met through West Valley, a Women’s Traveling Golf Group, in 2009. At that time, Lydia was not a very good golfer, and she accidentally hit a woman with a golf ball on the very first day. I saw the whole thing and thought, ‘that’s not the way to make a good first impression.’ I made a point to say hi to her and welcome her to the group. Pretty soon we got paired together in team play. We played a practice round and Lydia showed up with beads to count her strokes. After the round, we had a beer and I told her that was a lot of fun, but you’ve got to ditch the beads! Lydia ditched the beads and after 10 years, we finally decided to get married,” says Amy. 

 Both are California transplants. Lydia was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in the Four-Corners area. She grew up eating Hatch Green Chili from her high chair and climbing trees, before finding her way to the Silicon Valley. Amy was born into a military family in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in rural Kansas on a lake that she water-skied on in the summer and ice-skated on in the winter. They both made their way to California for school and careers. 

Lydia joined the US Army after high school and continued her education in San Diego and Santa Clara in software and mechanical engineering. For 20 years, she owned her own business in the failure analysis and the semiconductor production industry. 

Amy started college at California State University, Long Beach and then transferred to nursing school at CSU Hayward. She went on to graduate school at Holy Names University. “I have balanced my passion for helping by consulting for non-profit organizations who work with underserved youth, while concurrently seeing patients in private practice specializing in Allergy and Asthma,” says Amy. 

Creativity is in Lydia’s and Amy’s blood. Lydia comes from a talented family of painters, sculptors, and musicians. Her brother is a musician and even opened for 10,000 Maniacs and is currently in a band with Ron Delp (brother of former lead singer of Boston, Brad Delp). Amy’s sister plays trumpet and father plays guitar. Her mother is a wizard on the sewing machine and made hundreds of masks for the non-profit organization where Amy consults. 

Lydia and Amy are both diehard San Francisco Giants fans and love starting off the season in Scottsdale at Spring Training. Lydia is passionate about golf, “I love golf, and enjoy playing as often as possible. I also play guitar, enjoy barbecuing, and watching the stock market….some days more than others. Amy struggles to find enough time for hobbies these days, but loves playing harmonica, cooking, hiking, working with our rescue dogs and of course golfing,” says Lydia. The couple attend an online church service in Kansas every week. 

Two rescue dogs complete the family. One well-behaved Pit Bull, named Bailey, and a troubled 11-pound Chihuahua mix from the streets of Bakersfield, named Patch. “Patch is 90% cuddly, 10% guard your ankles and 100% cute,” says Amy. 

One of their favorite ways to travel is road tripping by RV. “We have a 40-foot RV and take it out every month. During the height of the pandemic, we drove it all the way to Kansas and learned why Dorothy got blown away, and that RVs are not aerodynamic!” says Lydia.

It was a game of golf that brought the couple to Blackhawk. Lydia had been dead set on staying in the Silicon Valley and not interested in the area, but with Amy’s persuasion, she agreed to visit the country club and check out the golf course. “After the round, we had a glass of wine in the Lakeside bar overlooking the 18th hole during sunset and Lydia said ‘you did this on purpose, now I want to move here!’” says Amy. Lydia adds that they found their dream home while golfing, “We joined the club before moving here and while golfing on hole 14, look over at the backyard from the 14th fairway and say ‘there’s our house’. At that time, the house was on the market for over a year. Then one day, while driving away from hole 14 green, we both realized how sad we were going to be when ‘our house’ sold. We decided to put our Silicon Valley house up for sale the next day and put an offer in on ‘our house’. We have wonderful neighbors and love it here! There is an annual block party potluck in the summer that is well-attended! We can text any of our neighbors to take out our trash or pick up an Amazon package on the porch. It doesn’t get any better!” 

By Megan Scott, Resident since 2010 

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