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Meet the Jelveh Family

Music, Laughter and Glam!

Meet the Jelveh family: Peruz and Josie Jelveh and their two beautiful children Michael, 20, and Farrah, 18. 

Both raised and rooted in San Francisco, it’s only fitting that Peruz and Josette Jelveh met at the famous S.F. nightclub, the Oasis. Peruz says Josette took his breath away, “From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one in every sense of the word. She is all the things that make a woman truly beautiful inside and out.” One of their first dates was a 4th of July gathering in San Francisco. Peruz says fireworks accidentally ignited a fire in the hills above them and Josette proved bravery that night. “The fire began to spread. In fear, everyone around us dispersed and ran away except for Josette and me. She immediately ran towards the fire without reserve, practically beating me to the punch; and when we realized we were the only ones on the same mission to extinguish the fire, she became my heroine on the spot.” The couple were married in 1996, and three years later their first child, Michael, was born. Two years after that, a daughter, Farrah, completed the family! 

Both Josette and Peruz grew up in the city by the bay. Josette is a third generation San Franciscan of Italian and Spanish descent, and Peruz is a French National born and raised in Paris, of Persian descent and has lived on four different continents. Peruz says, “My family moved around the globe every two to four years as my father was a high-ranking diplomat for the Royal Courts of the Shah of Iran, and moving was part of life in Diplomatic Corps. I was nearly 12 years old when we landed in the United States for a 4-year U.S. diplomatic assignment. My father was appointed to the Iranian Embassy in San Francisco on behalf of the Iranian Government. But this final assignment became an ill-fated one, as the 1979 Islamic Revolution occurred in Iran and the rest was history. Needless to say, my family and I have since called the US our permanent home, one which we love dearly and are proud citizens of! We initially resided in San Francisco where I went to school, then moved to Hillsborough during my senior high school year. At the age of 23, when I moved out from my folks’ home, Josette and I had just started dating and we decided to get our first place together. We rented a beautiful apartment in Belmont where we eventually got engaged, and then some 5 years later we bought our first home in Castro Valley and got married the same year, in 1996. Five years later we turned our Castro Valley property into a rental and moved to Blackhawk in 2005.”

Both Josette and Peruz attended the College of San Mateo. Peruz acquired a degree in Real Estate/ Finance, and Josette pursued a Major in Design as well as Cosmetology. Entrepreneurial spirits at heart, they’re proud that they’ve both created thriving businesses in their respective fields. Peruz is a Mortgage Broker, in California as well as other states. “I enjoy being able to assist my clientele in achieving optimum financial gains by constantly setting the stage for profitable real estate sales and acquisitions and enhancing their net worth by increasing their asset positions in their portfolios. It is my insatiable desire to bring continuous tangible benefits to their transactions each and every time we get into contract. That is the primary reason that I have been thriving in this industry on a ‘by referral only’ basis for 20 years now,” Peruz shares. 

Josette has worked at top San Francisco hair salons, where she is known for designing red-carpet hair and makeup looks for clients attending opening night at the opera and symphony, as well as for weddings and editorial assignments. She was a Beauty Editor for the California publication, GEV Magazine and currently works at Paradiso, a Salon by JD, in downtown Danville. “On behalf of the owner, I have designed a salon that transports clients into a sensory experience with an emphasis on wellness. I have a passion for assisting clients in achieving their perfect look for their lifestyle,” says Josette. Over the years through hard work, a lot of creative thinking, and a love for helping others, both Josette and Peruz say they have built a long list of loyal clients and referrals. “We thoroughly support each other and delight in treating our clients like family, which of course includes our wonderful Blackhawk family!” 

The couple decided to move to the East Bay in their late twenties. “We bought a lovely home in the Greenridge neighborhood, which was built by the infamous architect Joseph Eichler in the hills of Castro Valley. After the birth of our children, Josette and I began searching for a positive and safe community in which to raise them. We were thrilled when in 2005, we found and bought our dream home within the extraordinary Blackhawk Country Club,” says Peruz. 

Two (grown) children complete the Jelveh family. A twenty-year-old son named Michael and an eighteen-year-old daughter named Farrah. “We are immensely proud of both our children. Michael loves sports, and baseball was a way of life for him growing up. He played ball for the Tassajara Valley Little League, made All Stars and went on to play through his senior year at Monte Vista High School, as well as various private travel ball clubs. He also has a passion for cooking and music, and has written his own lyrics and produced several tracks on which he is the Artist and Rapper. He has recently taken up golfing and is an avid golfer. Michael attended the University of Nevada at Reno and continues to pursue a degree in Business.

Farrah has been in dance, choir and gymnastics and participates in volunteer work for Pledge for Humanity where she served as treasurer. A 2020 graduate from Monte Vista High School, she and her classmates are being called to step into the future with more purpose, vision, and hope and to rise above these unprecedented circumstances. She is currently attending the University of Oregon to study her major in Psychology,” says Josette. When Peruz and Josette are not dedicating time to their clients, you can find them in the outdoors. “We have a love for the outdoors, working out and staying healthy. As a family, we love to spend time together playing sports, music, laughing, and cooking,” says Peruz. 

The family would like to wish the community a blessed 2021. “The Corona Virus outbreak has been a test of our systems, values and humanity. We have learned to value our health, freedom and our community more than ever. Focusing on things we can control by taking measures to strengthen our immunity, maintaining a healthy state of mind through remaining active and assisting others in the community during difficult times. We love humanity and want the best for all. We should all be reminded to be kind to one another, conscientious and supportive of each other. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the events that have taken place in 2020. We will get through this together and wish everyone a blessed 2021.”


By Megan Scott, Resident since 2010 

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