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Holiday plants that offer peace, good will and success to all

Flowers don’t always get the credit they deserve, often overlooked by Christmas trees, garland, and candles. There are many colorful blooms and plants that are synonymous with the holiday season and have meanings as beautiful as their appearances. 


The Poinsettia is the December birth flower and symbolizes good cheer and success. These festive plants are among the most popular to decorate with during the holiday season. Many people think the vibrant red, white or pink blooms are flowers, but they’re actually colored leaves known as bracts. Native to Mexico, Poinsettias thrive in bright sunshine and don’t require a lot of watering. 


Holly is often thought of as a Christmas plant due to the fact female holly bushes grow bright red berries around the holiday season. The red berries really pop against the bright green leaves, exemplifying the two most popular colors of the season. Holly symbolizes peace and goodwill as well as domestic happiness. 


The amaryllis is an elegant flower that typically grows in red or white – perfect for the holiday season! Amaryllis symbolizes pride, strength and determination as seen from the tall bloomers, which make great centerpieces for holiday get-togethers. 

The Blackhawk Bloomers wish everyone a joyous holiday season. 

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By Aly Baker, Blackhawk Bloomers Publicity