Resident Feature

Hearts Around Danville

Have you seen the public arts exhibit, “Hearts Around Danville”? These beautiful, hand painted hearts are all around our town. There are 17 uniquely adorned heart sculptures that will remain through out the town until October 16. Each heart sculpture is unique, with each design created by a different Bay Area artist

A few weeks ago, a group of friends from the Blackhawk community organized a walking tour of the Danville Hearts and shared some of their favorites with us.

The photographer, Cindy Inloes says, “The six of us have been good friends for many years. We plan a walk or hike together every week, always being careful and safe. Kim Chandler mentioned that Danville had hearts around town and thought it would be fun to do our weekly get together to see all the Hearts.”

Blackhawk friends Kim Chandler, Mindy Murphy, Deb Weber, Trish Caruso, Claudia Merritt and Cindy Inloes.