Resident Feature

Happy 101st Birthday To Frank ‘Whitey’ Negherbon!

Whitey Negherbon, who was featured on the cover Blackhawk Living previously, celebrated his 101st birthday on July 28th. Whitey and his family have been long time residents of Blackhawk. 

Whitey celebrated his 101st Birthday with his family and friends including a lunch with his special friends who fondly refer to themselves as the ‘Magnificent Seven’. This group of men have been friends since 1998 or before, having met playing golf at Blackhawk. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ have played golf together, socialized together and continue to have lunch together every Wednesday and Friday at the Club. They are truly like brothers. Some original members of the group have moved or passed away, but the great lunch discussions and many laughs continue as others have joined the group. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ have such a special bond and friendship and loved celebrating Whitey’s 101st birthday with Whitey and being together. 

Whitey also celebrated his birthday at a lunch with the Ladies of the Magnificent Seven. The Ladies loved celebrating Whitey’s special day with him. 

In addition, Whitey’s family hosted a 101st Birthday Party for Whitey. It was a great celebration for Whitey with family members and friends. Dinner was barbecued on Whitey’s original old fashioned barbecue pit made in 1955 for the large Italian dinners that Whitey and his wife Lydia and their family hosted. The family had the barbecue refurbished for the occasion. A large 101st birthday sign was displayed on Whitey’s front lawn and many neighbors honked as they drove by to acknowledge Whitey and his special day. Whitey loved it! What a week for Whitey! 

The team of Blackhawk Living Magazine would like to wish Whitey a HAPPY 101st BIRTHDAY from all of us! 




By Lynn Brady and Suzanne Torrilhon, Blackhawk Residents