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Do You Have Too Much Company Stock?

Owning stock in your company may make you a good corporate citizen, and it might even make you rich. But don’t think of it as an “investment.” It’s a gamble. 

Think about it, you get your income from this company and now you own stock in the company. Should the unthinkable happen (and it does,…often), you have a lot at risk! 

Not only do you have the vested stock and your income at risk, but you also have unvested stock that undoubtedly pops up as a large number when you log in. (And you don’t even own that yet!) 

Instead of allowing your company stock to pile up, have a Long-Term Investment strategy in place. And create a plan to transfer you money from this single-stock investment to your diversified retirement engine that will grow over time without the risk that comes from a single CEO and a single board of directors. 

For more details, check out a deeper analysis at, but in this space I want to simply make the point that this can be very important. 

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By Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA, Principal: Best Financial Life, Resident since 2004