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Todd Galde of CrossCountry Mortgage believes that home financing begins with education and advice, mixed with total transparency and some of the best rates in town. For over 20 years he has been helping people buy homes and finance big dreams. “I get my biggest enjoyment from working with new first time home buyers or anyone seeking home financing who wants straightforward answers to their complicated questions,” says Todd. “I try to keep things simple, like the ABC’s of Home Financing: Assets, Budget and Credit. I learned to simplify the focus of my business through the Hedgehog Concept by Jim Collins (an author with books on business success and leadership), focusing on the needs of my clients and adding value any way I can.”

Todd’s father started the business in 1979, and Todd is proud to continue the legacy. As a top loan originator in California who has served thousands of families, he has learned how to help a variety of different borrowers with different income sources. “If you have a challenging situation, please bring it to me,” he adds. “My years of experience and deep knowledge of loan programs allow me to think outside the box.”

Todd and his family live in Danville. He’s been married for over 29 years to Stacey, and they have three children, two big dogs and a Russian tortoise who hibernates three months out of the year in her own special habitat in their backyard. Todd lives by the philosophy espoused by Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living or get busy dying.” He’s ready to help borrowers get busy living their dreams with a free consultation regarding their goals. He’s proud to offer great client service and a loan that closes quickly. You can reach him at 925-381-8190 or


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W. Todd Galde
CrossCountry Mortgage LLC

After more than 20 years, Todd Galde has mastered the process of helping borrowers with different income sources, matching the correct loan to their unique circumstances. We teach and advise, then we customize. A Direct Lender, Team Galde offers solutions with competitive rates and financing programs that give you more qualifying options, including the unique NINE Loan for owner-occupied purchase or refinance. Learn more at 

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