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Crafting Ideas for All Ages

This month I thought I would present you with ideas for little ones, teens and adults.

Ideas for Little Ones

Pom pom’s are super easy and a craft that kids love to make. Kids can throw them like a ball, place them on their backpack, or put them on a keychain. Go to YouTube and watch the video “How to make the perfect (Rainbow) pom pom” by WhatsUpMoms. It has directions and many inspirational uses for pom poms.

Ideas for Teenagers

For those who remember Paint by Numbers canvases – they are really popular right now. I think teens will enjoy these. The website has many great ideas including this one:

For a larger assortment to choose from, go to and search for “Paint by Number kits”. I also saw a couple of Paint the Town by Numbers kits at Barnes and Nobles this week. There are a couple of custom paint by number sellers out there too. You can submit a photo of your pet and they’ll turn it into a paint by number kit for you!

Ideas for Teenagers and Adults

For those teenagers and adults who like to sew and express their artistic side, I would highly recommend learning how to quilt. 

You can start out small by making a pillow or a wall hanging. Here is a quilt I’m in the process of completing. This is a pattern by Lori Holt:

My sister saw the pattern and loved it so I’m making it for her. You could easily take one square from this and make a pillow or a wall hanging.

Here is another quilt I’m making. This one is called Garden Party Quilt by Laura Heine, a quilter from Montana:

This one is much easier to make as you use fusible interfacing to attach the flowers and butterflies. Both of these patterns can be used for a pillow or wall hanging rather than making the whole quilt. If you find you like the process, you can make a whole quilt!

You can find so many different types inspiration by searching Instagram for the crafters mentioned in this article:



Instagram accounts:


Camilla Spadafino: paintthetownbynumbers

Lori Holt: beelori1

Laura Heine: fiberworksquiltshoplauraheine

Happy Crafting!

By Michelle Barry, Resident since 2018