Resident Feature

Covid-19 Alphabet

The ‘stay at home’ experience during this pandemic has been interesting and challenging for everyone. 

I would like to personally thank ‘all’ the health care workers and doctors for their dedicated service. 

There are many others who also deserve kudos and thank you’s during this stressful experience. 

In addition, the random acts of ‘kindness‘ that are not always reported are very ‘inspiring’ and restores ‘faith’ to the beauty of the human race. 

Stay well. 

A. Amazon keeping us busy buying things we need and don’t need. 

B. Books and reading to fill our days. 

C. Concerts. From the homes of our favorite artists keeping us entertained. 

D. Draegers Blackhawk. Super clean store and fabulous food and wine selection. 

E. Entertaining. Playing simple card games, checkers and chess 

F. Family. Lots of time to talk and enjoy each other. 

G. Golf. Riding in golf carts with no passengers and watching PGA tournaments on tv with no fans. 

H. Home. Many projects finally getting done 

I. Important. Realizing how important toilet paper, paper towels, haircuts, and manicures are in our lives. 

J. Joking. Lots of humor on the internet to make our days lighter 

K. Kindness. Kind acts to strangers, family and friends. 

L. Learning. Studying a new language or skill 

M. Meditation. Taking time each day and allowing the body and mind to heal from the stress of life. 

N. Netflix. Watching lots of movies and shows. 

O. Organized. Houses, garages, closets and cupboards, are now in perfect condition. 

P. Prayer. Time to reflect and appreciate each day. 

Q. Quiet. Enjoying 

the beautiful sounds of silence birds singing and flowers blooming. 

R. Recipes. Making old ones, trying new ones and writing a recipe book. 

S. Safeway Blackhawk. Appreciating the dedicated employees working hard to keep the shelves stocked. 

T. Technology. Zoom happy hours, meetings, texting and talking with family and friends. 

U. Understanding. 

Helping friends deal with pain and suffering caused by this virus. 

V. Vaccine. Hoping one will soon be discovered. 

W. Walking. Getting healthier and enjoying the ‘boundless beauty’ of where we live. 

X. Extra Time. In the normal stress of daily life, extra time does not exist. 

Y. Yesterday. Enjoying memories of our past and learning to appreciate our present. 

Z. Zero. Praying for ‘zero’ deaths and an ‘end’ to this virus. 

By Mike L. McColgan Resident Since 1990