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Considering Rhinoplasty?

A lot of men and women say that the choice to undergo rhinoplasty is a decision that has had a large positive impact on their lives. Feeling good about the way your nose looks can do wonders for your self-confidence. 

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, and its shape affects the overall balance or imbalance of your face. A hereditary dorsal hump, an elongated tip or nose that is too wide are issues that most patients considering rhinoplasty want to address. Often, there are other functionality issues that make the nose appear to be bigger, wider or longer. Fortunately, all these things can be addressed simultaneously during rhinoplasty surgery. 

While a lot of men and women out there may be interested in getting rhinoplasty, many of them are hesitant because they are worried about what the recovery will be like. The first thing to understand is that rhinoplasty is a highly personalized procedure. The techniques used and the extent of the surgical work required will vary from patient to patient. In some cases, cartilage may need to be removed, repositioned, or reshaped. Some nasal bones may also need to be shaved or carefully fractured depending on the desired results of the patient. 

Following your rhinoplasty, you can expect to experience some issues like swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Thankfully, medication can be provided to help manage pain and discomfort, and post-operative instructions will help to make the recovery process easier. After surgery, most patients return to in person work after a week. Or, if working from home, even after a day or two. 

Ready to take the next step? If you would like to learn more about rhinoplasty and to see if you are a good candidate, or if you would like to get started on your rhinoplasty journey, please contact our office at 925.736.5757 to schedule a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation where we can review the procedure together and address all your questions. 

By Stephen J. Ronan MD FACS, Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and MedSpa 

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