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Blackhawk Women’s Golf Newsletter

The month of August was exceptionally busy for the BWGA. The ball started rolling with the August 10th Diablo Valley Team Play participants securing First Place Overall Low Gross by beating a Moraga CC team at Crow Canyon. Their victory punctuated their season of exceptional golf and team spirit. In addition, they are now qualified to play in the Central Bay Championship Tournament to be played in September whose results will be reported in next month’s issue. And because of the publication deadline date of the 10th, we were unable to previously share the results of our Mini Invitational, “Putt Now, Wine Later” which was held on August 11th and 12th. Our four-person scramble plus innovative putting contest on the 11th was followed by cocktails and Italian inspired hors d’ oeurves in our ballroom. 

The next day was an 18-hole, 2 net best ball contest that awarded the best four groups in three flights: 


1st Place – Sue Cookson, Lisa Pasquale, Cissy Morris, Pam Knotts – 125* 
2nd Place – Anne Zhang, Bobbie Valladon, Lisa Joy Avelar, Emily Gorin – 125
3rd Place – Aly Baker, Kelly Millino, Nancy Corbin, Patrice Denis – 127 
4th Place – Jill Austin, Christy Habetz, Linda Stubblefield, Marni Godvin – 128 


1st Place – Dolly Falvey, Lucia Lawrence, Karin King, Rae Lynn Lambert – 114 
2nd Place – Nicole Tucker, Vicki Kwaitkowski, Pam Hightow, Sharon Callaway – 124 
3rd Place – Terri Lawson, Sandy Mazza, Patty Karleskind, Gisela Coddington – 126 4th Place – Lynn Prakash, Cherie Zocchi, Irma Tidwell, Valerie Schooley – 127 


1st Place – Kobi Enochian, Karen Burkhart, Jan Lind, Karyn Giannini – 123 
2nd Place – Anne Kuelz, Michelle Tomalenas, Sandra Ingwers, Jenna Desboiblanc – 125 
3rd Place – Judy Slinger, Teresa Howard, Deborah Bud, Linda Fromm – 129 
4th Place – Denise Mallozzi, Carole Carluccio, Mary O’Leary, Shirley Van Bibber – 130 

Without missing a beat, August 19th had some in-house competition with our monthly Charm Day. These are the individuals that shined the brightest: 

Overall Low Gross – Haily Joo, Yasuko Zingg – 85 

Overall Low Net – Young Cohen – 64 

Flight A 

Low Gross – Lydia Shell – 80 
Low Net – Lily Weng – 73 

Flight B 

Low Gross – Kim Davis – 93 
Low Net – Lydia Morasky – 74 

Flight C 

Low Gross – Judy Slinger – 96 
Low Net – Denise Mallozzi – 70 

Flight D 

Low Gross – Julia Leng – 112 
Low Net – Li Wen Yao – 78 

Our annual BWGA Championship tournament had it’s first round at Lakeside on August 26th. We met at the Falls on September 2nd to play the second and final round. The top honors went to: 

Overall Low Gross – Lydia Shell – 154 

Overall Low Net – Marian Zalewski – 136 

Flight 1 

Low Gross – Lily Weng – 166 
1st Low Net – Andrea Petralia – 143 
2nd Low Net – Laura Carlson – 146 

Flight 2 

Low Gross – Nancy Corbin – 184 
1st Low Net – Kim Roth – 149 
2nd Low Net – Dolly Falvey – 151 

Flight 3 

Low Gross – Kim Davis – 191 
1st Low Net – Lynn Prakash – 151 
2nd Low Net – Lisa Cook – 154 

Flight 4 

Low Gross – Aly Baker – 205 
1st Low Net – Jan Lind – 148 
2nd Low Net – Shirley Lowes – 161 

And just when you think the celebrations are over, our East Bay Team Play ladies brought home a stunning victory and a genuine WOW moment! The last competitive match was on August 30th at Green Valley CC where they won all three flights securing their spot in history as Overall Low Gross Winners for 2021! In addition, they were able to distance themselves from second place by 34 points! Team Captains Davis and Prakash gratefully acknowledge the many ladies who participated in this year’s challenge and remind us to check out their trophy bowl, which will be housed in honor at Lakeside. The BWGA membership salutes and thanks you! 

Our last official tournament of 2021 will be The Captains Cup on October 20th and 21st where both rounds will be at the Falls course. BWGA Captain Paula Hamra has designated Pug Rescue of Northern California to be highlighted for the work they do. Sign-ups end on October 14th, so please collect your four-person team or let our pro shop do the work for you and join in the fun! 

This crazy year (yes, another one!) is racing on by, but we want you to note an important Save the Date. Our BWGA End of the Year Celebration will be held Thursday, November 18th following our last organized play day. All members, whether golfing that day or not, are invited to gather in the Lakeside Ballroom for some celebratory fun. Stay tuned for more detailed information from Social Chairperson Dolly Falvey.