Resident Feature

Barkin’ in Blackhawk

Blackhawk Women’s Scholarship Fund (BWSF) is excited to host our first virtual dog show to raise critical funds for college scholarships! All you dog lovers will be proud to submit the most endearing photo of your canine best friend to the contest. Every doggie entry is entitled to a biscuit and the winners of our 8 different categories will have their photo displayed in Blackhawk Living Magazine. If you don’t own a dog, enjoy the fun by visiting our website and voting for your favorite pups. To learn more, or enter, simply visit our BWSF website : 

Between September 1 and October 1, 2020. 

BWSF is raising money to be distributed as college scholarships to financially-challenged women living in Contra Costa County. These women are the future leaders of our community! 

We have awarded more than $350,000 worth of scholarships since 2001 to over 90 recipients!

By Kathy Fox, Resident Since 2012