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An Offer to Talk It Through

When life gets intense, everything feels urgent. It can become difficult to see what is truly important and needs to be addressed vs. what is simply “top of mind.”

Sorting issues in this manner is something I help my clients with every day.

Today, is different, though. 

Today, I am offering a conversation to help you address any financial challenge you are facing. 

For Free. 

With no sales pitch!

My mission is to help people in my neighborhood navigate their finances with confidence and clarity. Ultimately, I want to help my neighbors live and make decisions with great intention.

We can only do this if we know the facts that are available and consider the consequences of the options before us.

Unfortunately, my industry has made it near impossible to understand financial facts and consequences alone. 

And, I’ll go even further to say, it is structured to guide you toward decisions that line the pockets of Wall Street, instead of helping you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Because I charge a flat fee for my advice, I can show that I’m different. 

No matter what my clients decide, my compensation is unchanged, therefore I am fully motivated to help them make their own best decisions. If I do that, they will remain clients, driving the success of my business.

And now, I’m offering a free half hour conversation on any financial topic to you or anyone you know that might benefit.

Simply book the appointment at the following link: or email me at

Best Financial Life is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of California and Joe Morgan is a fiduciary to his clients at all times. If you’d like to ensure your finances are on the right track, schedule a call with Joe at 

By Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA, Principal: Best Financial Life, Resident since 2004


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Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA
Best Financial Life

Joe Morgan is a fee-only financial advisor who acts as an educator, guide, and protector of wealth to individuals and families. He created his own firm after a successful investment career because he wanted to help people find clarity in their aspirations, resources, and risks. When he’s not showing how financial advice doesn’t have to be dictated by stuffy suited men from Wall Street, he enjoys tennis at Blackhawk Country Club and hiking the Tri-Valley area.

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