Expert Contribution

Adding Personal Touches to Your Home

Your home should tell the story of you, from your interests and hobbies to trinkets from travels and family heirlooms. Adding in pieces that have meaning in your life will make your home feel more authentic and less like a manufactured, generic room straight from a magazine. This is the place that you spend a majority of your time, especially in today’s climate, and it should be a reflection of your family.

Show off your talents, travels, and hobbies! Painting clay tiles for a fireplace surround or designing your own mural is a great way to show your own creativity. Floral arrangements from your home garden add an extra layer of ambience to a room and shows your green thumb! A framed photograph from a trip or an art piece purchased from an overseas artisan can remind you of the places you have been. Decorating with books adds color, dimension and texture to a room while acting as a conversation starter when you are entertaining. 

Your home is a perfect opportunity to pay homage to your family’s history. Antique table settings or a Persian rug that has been passed down for generations add character to your home. Perhaps you have an aunt that was an artist, and you can dedicate a wall to showcasing her pieces. Display a gallery wall of photos of family members from your children all the way back to your great grandparents to remind you of family members, past and present. 



 By Sheeja Nair, Interior designer, Raashi Design, LLC