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Abandoned Cat Finds Forever Home

Cats are domestic animals; they need humans to survive. 

On Saturday, October 17, the doctors and staff at Tassajara Veterinary Clinic were startled to get a call from a good Samaritan: she had rescued at cat who had been tossed from a car on a lonely country road the night before. 

Naturally we told her to bring the kitty right down. She arrived covered with dirt and with her hair full of leaves, having had quite a struggle both finding and then getting to the cat to pick him up. 

The cat was a neutered male, young but quite thin and very dirty, as though he had been neglected for weeks or months before being abandoned. One of his upper fangs was broken off, a common injury when a cat falls and lands hard enough for his chin to hit the ground. He had multiple wounds on his head, some of which were matted with freshly dried blood and dead leaves. He had blood in one ear canal. The poor little guy was in tough shape indeed. 

Dr. Elisa Dowd and her veterinary technicians immediately set to work, gently cleaning his wounds and starting him on antibiotics and medicine for pain. They ran some lab tests and found he had mild kidney insufficiency but no serious viral infections. They gave him fluids to combat dehydration and support his kidneys, then settled him into an extra-large cage lined with soft blankets and in a quiet part of the clinic. Within a few hours he was purring and eating special canned cat food for ill or injured cats. 

Because animal abandonment is a crime, this poor kitty was considered evidence. Two days after his arrival at Tassajara Veterinary Clinic, Contra Costa Animal Services sent an officer to take him to the shelter for evaluation. 

Blessedly, the good Samaritan who had originally rescued the cat kept in touch with them and was allowed to retrieve him after a few days. She returned him to Tassajara Veterinary Clinic to continue with his recovery until someone could adopt him. 

This cat’s plight had been shared extensively on Next Door. People in Blackhawk pitched in money to help pay for his care and many offered to foster him. The wonderful woman who rescued him has since been able to find him a new, forever, home. 

Cats are domestic animals. They cannot survive without human care. This kitty’s ordeal began when his humans failed him. Fortunately, when his plight became known, more people stepped up and came together to save him.