Resident Feature

A New Meaning to the Golden Years

The Elegance at Dublin is giving a new meaning to “the golden years.” The senior living facility is expected to open in Spring of 2020. It strives to provide a luxurious style of living where seniors are able to focus on having fun and living stress free. They focus on excellent food, socialization, entertainment and the best care possible. As Director of Sales and Marketing, Kimberly De Sousa, says, “We want our seniors to feel safe and cared for so they can continue to do whatever it is they love to do, to live their lives without the stress of bills, housekeeping, shopping, cooking or worrying about transportation.”

De Sousa, a proud mom of two boys, is new to Elegance at Dublin, but has been working in senior living for five years. She loves her work. “I am excited to help seniors find their new place to call home. Our brand-new building will be opening this spring and we look forward to assisting families find a place where they can feel worry-free about their loved ones.”

Everyday De Sousa has a motto to live life to the fullest, try to make others smile, and, if you’re down, pick yourself up because tomorrow is a new day. The residents make her smile every day.

The staff invites the community to stop by anytime and talk to the residents, share a meal or share a story. “We strive to make our residents’ days a little brighter and for families to know we are taking care of our residents as if they were our own family members.” De Sousa adds, “What gives me the most joy is watching people move in and become so happy and thrive and realize that life is not over when you reach a certain age. They are just beginning a new chapter.”

By Kara Navolio