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A Flight for Mom

Take mom on a Tour de France this Mother’s Day with a special flight – a flight that doesn’t take 11 ½ hours with a layover in Hanover. For a sophisticated woman who has exquisite taste, putting together a tasting flight of French wines is a unique way to give her both a memorable experience and spend time with her. 

A ‘flight’ of wine is a group of similar wines that are brought together for tasting purposes. The number of wines can range anywhere from three to eight; and the idea is to compare and contrast flavors. A little easy planning goes a long way to elevate cocktail hour to a formal flight tasting. 

The first thing you will need is a wine tasting sheet. You can create your own, or download one at If you are creating your own, at the top of your page draw as many circles as wines you will be tasting (this is to keep the wines from be confused). A glass goes on top of each circle. Below the glasses, divide your sheet into columns, and the columns into sections labeled Appearance, Aroma, Body, Taste, and Overall. Make sure each person who is participating has a sheet and pen for notes. 

Lay out your wines. The best order to taste wine in is white to red, dry to sweet. If you have never tried any of the wines you will be pouring, Draeger’s Wine Stewards can help you select the proper order for your choices. You can also make some assumptions based upon your knowledge about wines from certain regions, or simply go white to red, lightest to darkest in color. Provide plain crackers and water for a palate cleanse between sips. 

Once your tasting is set up, the real fun begins. Under appearance, jot down what you see, from color to sediment or bubbles. Note which aromas waft by your nose: tropical fruit? Chocolate? Body is synonymous with mouthfeel: does it feel light and effervescent, or does it fully coat your tongue? Taste is about recording what flavors you find within the wine. When you arrive at the overall section of your notes, write down your final impression- was this a dud, or is it your new favorite go-to dinner wine? 

The best part of hosting a formal tasting is that you are offering a shared experience that, because each palate is different, is unique to all partaking. We have a few wine suggestions for your Mother’s Day Flight, and if you are looking for more suggestions, or think mom would enjoy a ‘flight’ to a different region of the world, Draeger’s Wine Stewards are available to help you book your trip. 

Tour de France Flight List 

By.Ott Provence Rosé …. $19.99 

Domaine Auchère Sancerre …. $22.99 

Domaine Bouchard Beaune du Chateau Red Burgundy Premier Cru …. $53.99 

Château de Montefaucon Lirac Rhône Blend …. $26.99 

Cremant d’Alsace Allimant-Laugner Brut Rosé …. $20.99

By Tori Draeger Paff, Draeger’s Market 

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