Resident Feature

A Visit to a Local Animal Sanctuary

Bay Area Cows

For a while now we have driven by the sign on Finley Road that says “Bay Area Cows Animal Sanctuary” and wondered what it was all about, so we did some research and scheduled a visit. 

We had a great time visiting the cows and getting to know them. We met with one of the founders of the sanctuary, and he told us what makes these cows so special. You could tell immediately that the cows were loved and cared for. 

We learned that Bay Area Cows is a non-profit with the goal of providing farm animal rescue and rehabilitation, sustainable and organic agriculture and to promote plant based living. 

It’s a beautiful place filled with cows that are loved and adored, and volunteers who seem to really love the cows. I recommend learning more at at 

By Austin Scott, 2nd grader at Tassajara Hills Elementary